No tax hike in
Forward budget

By ERIC SLAGLE Daily News Staff Writer

Forward Township has adopted a budget for 2011.

The new $1,091,463 spending plan contains a $72,054 increase in expenditures over last year’s budget but does not call for a tax hike.

“No services were cut and there is no tax increase,” township supervisor Dave Magiske said. “There was


a slight increase in spending but we anticipate revenues will cover that.” The budget was formally adopted at a meeting Monday in which supervisors also moved to create a committee to address the municipality’s lack of a central war memorial for veterans.

Magiske said the increase in spending on this year’s budget is due to general cost increases and was not attributable to any specific part of the budget.

He said supervisors are always on the lookout for ways to keep spending in check, as are employees of the township who often

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suggest cost-cutting measures to budget planners.

The township currently employs two full­time and one part-time road employees, four full-time and three part-time police officers and a full-time secretary.

Supervisors also reappointed Tom DeRosa as board chairman.

Magiske said the township is interested in erecting a veteran’s memorial by the municipal building at 1000 Golden Circle and is forming a committee to look into the matter.

Currently, the township has memori­als in Ella Hollow, Gallatin and Bunola. Magiske said the existing monuments don’t receive


adequate care and maintenance. He said there was once a fourth memorial in Roberts Hollow, but it’s no longer in existence.

Magiske said the township will commit whatever money is necessary to erect a new memorial, though he also said one of the goals of the committee will be to determine how fund-raising for the project will be accomplished.

Committee members also will be respon­sible for gathering and determining what names will be included on the memorial.

Magiske said the existing monuments only have names of individuals who served in the military up to the Korean War. He also said he believes there is still a plaque with names left from the old Roberts Hollow memorial.

The committee will be tasked with deter­mining what is to become of the existing monuments if a central one is built at the municipal building.

Magiske said six people have volunteered to be part of the project and a meeting will be held this month at a yet-to-be-deter­mined date.


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