Supervisors move to eliminate blighted houses

  By ERIC SLAGLE Daily News StafWriter

  Soon there will be fewer dilapidated houses in Forward Township . The municipality plans to begin tearing down two abandoned structures within the next two weeks, Supervisor Tom Headley said at a regular township meeting Thursday. One of the structures to be leveled is a fire-damaged property at Thirteenth Street and Williamsport Road near Elizabeth. The other is across from the old municipal building along Bunola River Road. Twin Rivers Council


of Governments is paying the cost of tearing down the houses. “We appreciate that the COG is able to work with the county to secure block grant funding to take care of the cost of the demolitions,” Headley said. The township has been approved for $15,000 in Twin Rivers COG grants to tear down two additional structures next summer, Headley said. Those properties are located at 4424 Rostosky Ridge Road and 2321 Sunnyside Hollow Road. Headley noted at the meeting Twin Rivers COG membership also is benefiting the township in terms of what it will pay for salt this year. He said the Twin Rivers COG price of $45.08 per ton is well below the rate some communities are paying. Headley said some places are charging as much as $100 per ton for salt.

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