Forward holds line on taxes

By ERIC SLAGLE Daily News StafWriter
  It appears there will be no property tax increase for Forward Township residents in 2009. Supervisors in that municipality are considering a budget of $1,062,270 for the coming year, which represents an increase of $35,640 — roughly 3.5 percent — over the current year’s spending plan. Under the proposed budget, which was approved last week, the tax rate for township residents will remain at its current 2.95 mils. Township officials said there will be no major changes in how the borough allocates


its resources from the current budget. “It’s pretty static, really,” Supervisor Dave Magiske said. Township Secretary Pam Balogh noted that, given the economic picture, borough officials “are happy not to have to raise taxes.” The budget allocates $149,640 for general expenditures, $360,730 for police, $61,800 for public safety, $148,225 for highways, roads and streets, $2,325 for recreation and $339,050 for miscellaneous expenditures. The miscellaneous category includes $228,600 for hospitalization, $40,000 for package insurance, $35,900 for workers compensation and $28,850 for employer’s contribution to the FICA tax. The preliminary budget is available for review in the township ’s offices. Supervisors plan to conduct a special meeting to give final approval of the budget Dec. 29 at 10 a.m.

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