Legal Notice Estate Notice LEGAL NOTICES Legal Notice Estate Notice LEGAL NOTICES ESTATE NOTICES This Notice and Order affects your property rights. You are urged to comply with it immediately and/or seek legal counsel. Notice is hereby given to the below listed interested parties and all others that the Enforcement Officer of the Township of Forward has determined that the below listed structures are unsafe and unfit for human habitation; have deteriorated to the point that they are not feasible to rehabilitate; constitute a threat to the public safety; and are dangerous public nuisances. Propertyp Owner or Interested Party 4442 Rostosky Ridge Road Kenneth B. Steinbruegge Monongahela, PA 15063 (Owner) Lot & Block #: 2087-J-291 Eileen K. Steinbruegge 4424 Rostosky Ridge Road Clayton R. Wall (Owner) Monongahela, PA 15063 Evelyn Wall (Owner) Lot & Block #: 2087-J-337 The owners or interested parties may come to the Township Office for a complete list of violations for the above listed properties. Owners are hereby notified that they have 30 days to abate the violation and/or 10 days from the date of this notice to appeal this determination. The Township Secretary must receive the written appeal requesting a hearing with a brief statement of the grounds for the app eal. The appeal must be sent to Forward Township , c/o Township Secretary, 1000 Golden Circle, Elizabeth, PA 15037. Pamela Balogh Township Secretary



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