Coal Mines

This page will eventually contain hyperlinks to sites and/pages that display information on Coal Mines, especially those sites that have info on mines located in Forward Township.   If anyone has any pictures of old coal mines located in Forward Township I would very much like to have a copy for display.  You may contact me in that regard by clicking on Coal Mines.

1.  Coal Mines in Western Pennsylvania:  This site has a section that focuses on providing information about Coal Mines located in Allegheny County.  You can reach it by clicking on the following web address:

2.  Click HERE to see a picture of three men was taken at a coal mine located in Bunola.   This picture was provided by Louis Boissin of Forward Township.  He believes it was taken in the 1920s -- that is based on the fact his father was born in 1901 and appears to be in his early to mid-twenties in the picture.  The men are, from left to right, Jack Aston, Adam Taaker, and Fernand Boissin (the contributor's father).