On January 14, 2010 a resident requested that a particular obituary be posted on this site.   This is a request I have had before.  As a result of this most recent request, I decided to add a Section where I could post the obituaries of current or former residents, when I knew the person / family or when someone requested that I do so.  

If you want a particular obituary posted, please email me a copy of the obituary in a format I can copy and paste.   Send it to or double click on this X and a preaddressed email will appear for that purpose.


Name of Deceased


Date of Death **

Kenneth Mahoney, Jr.,

January 13, 2010
Frederick Wm. Betzner October 9, 2010
Dorothy Elizabeth Barton October 12, 2010
Susan Novak November 10, 2010
Peggy Fine-Hornyak January 3, 2011
William John “Billy” Jacobs January 5, 2011
Betty Robb February 11, 2011
Daniel "Red" Price May 8, 2011
William Robert "Skip" Gavlak May 18, 2011


** double click Date of Death to read obituary.