Some Not-So-Modern  Forward Township Photographs

Date this page last updated:  Monday, March 16, 2009

The following photographs taken in years gone by.  If you want to make corrections to titles, or make arrangements to add some of your photographs, either click on this blue email link to get a pre-addressed email, or call me at 724-258-9457.

1. Becketts Run School This is a picture of Mrs. Stine's 1951-52 class at the Becketts Run School.  The school, before it was torn down years ago, was located at the intersection of Route 136 and Route 906 - it was adjacent to Sredy's store (now closed).
2 Tempest Brick Co. This is a picture of the employees of the Tempest Brick Co. in 1907.  Tony Piscitelli advises the brick manufacturing facility was located in or near the "Patch" in Gallatin.   If anyone has any information about the company or any of the individuals listed please contact me using the above email link.
3. 1942 Gallatin Sunnyside Soccer Team This is a picture of the United States Soccer Championship team from the Gallatin Sunnyside area.
4. Three men at mine in Bunola  This picture was provided by Louis Boissin of Forward Township.  He believes it was taken in the 1920s -- that is based on the fact his father was born in 1901 and appears to be in his early to mid-twenties in the picture.  The men are, from left to right, Jack Aston, Adam Taaker, and Fernand Boissin (the contributor's father).

Old "Number 10"

School House

This picture was provided by George "Ben" Jones.  The "Old Number 10" school building was located at the corner of Tunnel Hollow and Route 906 (now called Ella Hollow Road).   To the best of my knowledge this particular school was torn down before 1950.  We know the teacher was Ben's father, George Benjamin Jones, who lived near the intersection of Routes 136 and 906 -- across the street from the Castaway lounge / restaurant .  We need help in identifying the students, the grades of the students, and if possible, the year the photo was taken.  Another version of same picture can be seen by clicking HERE. 
6. Axelton School This picture is of Mrs. Abercrombie and her 5th grade class in 1959.






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