The State of Pennsylvania has granted volunteer firemen and emergency service workers a $100.00 Tax CREDIT.  And, remember, in Pennsylvania, a $100.00 Tax CREDIT is much more valuable than a Tax DEDUCTION.  The computation at the bottom of the page shows that a person earning $30,000., who is a qualified fireman,  pays $96.93 less PA Income Tax if he has a $100.00 Tax Credit, as opposed to a Tax Deduction.


Learn more about the Tax Credit:  The Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Services Institute provided access to a booklet about the Tax Credit that I found on several websites.  It appears the members of the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Management Committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives may have each had the booklet published by their office with their name on the cover.  In any case, one the places where you can view the booklet is at:   It is a good primer on the Tax Credit, and provides contact information for other State agencies that can provide additional information. 


Tax Forms To Claim The CREDIT:  The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue provides the tax form you must complete to get the $100.00 Credit.  Two ways you can secure a copy of that form are as follows:

(a).  You can see and print out a copy of the form by going to this part of the PA Pennsylvania Department of Revenue website:

(b).  Call your local Representative and / legislator.  Most will have a copy available in their local office.  Information is available about both on this website in the Section "Who Represents the Township in Harrisburg".  Double-click here to go to that section.




Comparison of Credit and Deduction
  Tax Credit of $100.00   Tax Deduction of $100.00   No Tax Credit & No Tax Deduction
Wages From W-2  $ 30,000.00    $   30,000.00    $30,000.00
     Application of Tax DEDUCTION      $       (100.00)    
Taxable Income  $ 30,000.00    $   29,900.00    $30,000.00
PA Tax Rate 3.07%   3.07%   3.07%
     Amount of Tax Liability  $      921.00    $        917.93    $     921.00
     Application of Tax CREDIT  $     (100.00)        
THE Tax You Pay  $      821.00    $        917.93    $     921.00


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