Gas Drilling

        There are a number of concerns about companies drilling for gas in Forward Township, especially as regards those wells drilled to access the Marcellus Shale sources.

        The following are a list of articles related to drilling for gas in Forward Township / Pennsylvania, and some of the issues that local government will need to deal with:


Source Title of Article Brief Description Click Date to Read
Pennsylvania Association of Township Supervisors

 Legislative Testimony -Townships’ Gas-Drilling Concerns

  Drilling Issues in Townships & Possible Solution January 2009
McKeesport Daily News  Levdansky Supports Marcellus Shale Related Tax   Levdansky's Position on Drilling Related Tax

June 10, 2009

Penn State College Agriculture Sciences  This is a website -   A primer on natural gas drilling


Daily News  Levdansky critical of Marcellus Shale drilling plan   Levdansky critical of drilling on public land

 July 17, 2009

Daily News Levdansky Against Lease Plan   Levdansky against Drilling in State forests

March 15, 2010