Real Estate Taxes: Tax on lots, land parcels, dwellings and buildings based on assessed value.
Property owners are currently taxed at the following rates.
Forward Township Real Estate Tax Rate:  1.95 Mills
Allegheny County Real Estate Tax Rate: 4.73 Mills
Elizabeth Forward School District Real Estate Tax Rate: 26.3243 Mills

Earned Income Tax:  Frequently referred to as the Wage Tax.  Township residents are taxed at 1% of their gross earnings and / or net profits.  The 1% is shared; Elizabeth Forward School District and Forward Township each receive 1/2 the amount collected. Forward Township's PSD code is 720203 

Real Estate Tax Collectors Office:  In 2013, shortly after William R. Firczak was elected Real Estate Tax Collector for Forward Township, he appointed Tina Marraccini as the Tax Agent, and arranged for her office to be in the Township Municipal Building.  Tina is available to collect taxes in the Municipal Building from 9:00am to 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday and on Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Keystone Municipal Services collects the Earned Income Tax (Wage Tax), the Occupational Privilege Tax and Delinquent Township Taxes.
For assistance call 724-978-0300

Jordan Tax Service collects Delinquent County Taxes.
For assistance call 412-835-5243

MBM Collections LLC collects Delinquent School Taxes.
For assistance call 412-835-5243 

Occupational Privilege Tax: 
This tax is $10.00 per person.  It is imposed on individuals employed in Forward Township.  The $10.00 is shared; Elizabeth Forward School District and Forward Township each receive 1/2 of the amount collected. 

Per Capita Tax:
Forward Township does not impose a Per Capita Tax.

Mercantile Tax:
Forward Township oes not impose a Mercantile Tax. 

Mechanical Device Tax:
$300 is charged for each mechanical device (i.e., Pinball, Video games, etc.) per year.

Real Estate Taxes - General Info

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