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Allegheny County,  Pennsylvania


Township Contact Information

POLICE:   Dial 911 FIRE:  Dial 911 AMBULANCE:  Dial 911
      Township Office:  Karen Stetor         Real Estate Tax Collector - William Firczak               Police Department
        Telephone:  412-384-1761    Tax Agent:  Tina Marraccini                Telephone:  412-384-2134
         Fax:     412-384-1764 412-384-2321                     Fax:    412-384-2468
Click Here for a list of Other Important Township Addresses, Telephone Numbers, & People       Code Enforcement Officer:  Michael Stack 

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             Telephone:  724-493-7793        
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Who Represents the Township in Harrisburg?

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District Judge - Beth Scagline Mills

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Locks & Dam # 3

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